3 Star Attacking Strategy Guide for Witch Slap - AllClash (2024)

3 Star Attacking Strategy Guide for Witch Slap - AllClash (1)

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Witches, released back in 2013, is the troop that has been buffed and nerfed more than any other troop in Clash of Clans. Witches were very powerful when they were first released and popular in the GoWiWi strategy for a long time but when Skeletons were nerfed to not trigger any traps anymore, they became one of the most useless troop. Witch had many buffs and nerfs after that but, they faced their biggest buff in the October 2016 update. Their HP was increased by a whopping 140% and some other changes were made. The Witch Slap strategy actually originated in June 2017.

After the Builder Hall 6 update, some bugs caused Witches spawning Skeletons relentlessly, even while they are walking. This caused the strategy now to be called the Witch Slap, though the bug was fixed, but the strategy is still extremely powerful, especially at Town Hall 9. Now, let’s have a look how does this work.

Attention! This guide focus on Town Hall 9 primarily –

How Witch Slap Works

Witch slap is pretty easy to execute in general.

Drop 4-5 Witches with a couple of Healers on two corners of the base.

When the funnel is created, drop a Golem followed by 2-3 Wizards and Archer Queen, deploy the Barbarian King and the Bowlers from your Clan Castle – this will decimate the core while your Witches are taking care of business on both side (the sides you’ve chosen in the beginning depending where you deployed them) of the base.

However, there are some points you need to be very careful about; e.g. the funnel has to be accurate. If the funnel has been made wrong, Healers will leave the Witches and aid your main kill squad, leaving them highly vulnerable – as you can see here:

3 Star Attacking Strategy Guide for Witch Slap - AllClash (2)

This can cost you the 3-star victory. So, let me explain the main part of this strategy but, right before getting to that, let’s have a look at some other stats regarding this strategy.

Which Townhall Level does Witch Slap Work?

Townhall 9

Pros of Witch Slap

  1. This Strategy works on a variety of bases and can easily sweep away most of the popular anti 3-star bases (except for those which are anti-witch)
  2. High Success in Clan war

Cons of Witch Slap

  1. Extremely expensive in Dark Elixir
  2. Both of the Heroes need to be at a decent level

Main Purpose of this attack

Clan War (Trophy pushing with this strategy is not recommended)

Army Composition for Witch Slap

  • 8-10 Witches
  • 4 Healer
  • 1 Golem
  • 2-3 wizards
  • Fill with clean-up troops (Archers, Goblins etc.)
  • Max Bowlers in the CC

Spell Composition for Witch Slap

  • 2 Jump Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1 Healing Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • Another Poison Spell in the CC

Of course, you can play around with the composition depending on the base you’re attacking, but you should have 8 Witches and 4 Healers at least.

Now, with all that being said, let’s get into the main thing.

Witch Slap step by step

This attacking style is not at all that hard to understand. The basic criteria of this strategy is:

  1. Split your Witches & Healers into two groups, each consisting 4-5 backed up by 2 Healers
  2. Choose the correct side to commence the attack and drop the groups on each corner
  3. As soon as the funnel is set up properly, drop your Golem followed by a couple Wizards and the Archer Queen
  4. Drop the Wall Breakers as needed & use Jump Spell(s) to open up the base
  5. Deploy your Barbarian King and the Bowlers from your Clan Castle
  6. Drop the Rage and Heal Spell(s) as needed when your kill squad reaches the core
  7. Poison Spells on defending CC troops
  8. Clean it up

Pretty easy, huh? Well, not at all.

There are two things you need to be very careful about when you’re going to use this strategy:

  • Scouting the right base
  • Creating the Funnel

1. Scouting

There are several things that you need to look for when you’re finding a base to attack with this strategy.

A) The location of Air Defenses

Healers are the main support troop of Witches, respectively Skeletons. They will help her overpower the splash damage buildings (like Mortar & Wizard Towers). If the Air Defenses are offset but out of the range of Witches, then they can easily shoot off the Healers making your Witches highly vulnerable and after that, all of her Skeletons are dead so the point defenses will kill them easily.

3 Star Attacking Strategy Guide for Witch Slap - AllClash (3)

B) X-Bows and splash defenses

Another thing you should be careful about are X-Bows. Only X-Bows can really kill your Witches while they are being healed by Healers, so if Witches are targeted by an X-Bow and any other point/splash damage, your Witches will possibly die one by one before even your kill squad reaches the core.

Also be careful about offset Wizards Towers! If the base has none of these defensive features you’re good to go with this strategy 🙂

2. Creating the Funnel

The Funnel is the key for any successful attack. Nobody wants his/her troops to go right around the base instead of going to the core.

The funnel has to be right and the groups of witches should be far away from the Kill Squad or the Healers will simply leave the Witches!

3 Star Attacking Strategy Guide for Witch Slap - AllClash (4)

So, make sure that the healers will stay with the groups of Witches and then nothing’s going to hurt the ladies and they will just slap the defender away for a 3-star victory.

3 Star Attacking Strategy Guide for Witch Slap - AllClash (5)


All in all, I find this strategy very delightful and I use this pretty often since I’m a TH9 myself. With all those “Larry’s” all over the base, it’s fun to slap someone. But, people have started to defend against this strategy (but by far not everybody).

I still find some bases pretty easy to Slap and I wanted to cover this strategy before everybody starts defending against it so that you guys who are unknown to this strategy yet, can have some fun with this. Check our guide on defending against witches here.

Now, as always, let me know in the comment section down below how’d like it and also ask me questions, suggest me some ideas regarding guides that I should or you guys want me to do 🙂

3 Star Attacking Strategy Guide for Witch Slap - AllClash (2024)
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