Divinity: Original Sin 2 - How To Get The Devourer Armor (2024)

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a CRPG in every sense of the acronym, ranging from its mechanics down to its difficulty. Newer players might struggle to beat this game, but there are a plethora of secret items for players to find that'll help them on their journey. One of these hidden items is the Devourer set, a suit of armor added to the game in "The Four Relics of Rivellon" goodie bag.

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This armor set is one of the best melee sets in all of Original Sin 2, granting its wielder an immense boost to their base stats, immunity to a few status effects, and one of the most powerful passive effects in the game: Devourer's Slumber.

Credit to mapgenie.io (DOS2) for the map references used in this guide.

Updated April 6, 2023: As one of Divinity's most powerful armor sets, the Devourer set is high in demand, and the lengthy, complex quest associated with it can be frustrating. We've made sure all of the information provided here is accurate and as helpful as it can be.

How To Get The Devourer Set

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The Devourer set is a reward tied to the "A Hunger From Beyond" quest. Each step of this quest grants you one of five pieces from the Devourer set. Obtaining the full set and finishing the quest step afterward will finish this quest and upgrade the Devourer set to its final form.

It's important to note that the Devourer set isn't present in the base game. You must have the "The Four Relics of Rivellon" goodie bag installed for this armor set to appear in your playthrough. It's recommended you enable this addon before starting a new playthrough, as certain parts of this set can only be obtained during certain acts.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Spoilers Below

Starting A Hunger From Beyond

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - How To Get The Devourer Armor (2)
  • Act: 1
  • Location: Gargoyle's Maze (Fort Joy)

Make your way to the entrance of the Gargoyle's Maze, located on the southeast corner of the island.

Near the entrance will be a dead body. Interact with the corpse to find a journal. Reading the journal will start the 'A Hunger From Beyond' quest, directing you towards Braccus Rex's Tower—an area located at the southeast end of Fort Joy.

Devourer's Claws Location

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - How To Get The Devourer Armor (3)
  • Act: 1
  • Location: Braccus Rex's Tower (Fort Joy)
    • X:622, Y:625

Inside Braccus Rex's Tower, you'll find a cursed chest in the corner of one of the tower's rooms. You'll need to use Bless on the chest to remove the curse, allowing you to safely open it.

You'll find the Devourer's Claws inside alongside a note. Grabbing the armor will initiate dialogue with a spirit named the Voice of Flame, giving you directions on where to find the next armor piece in the set.

Before you leave Fort Joy, head to the study that the Voice of Flame referenced. You'll find the study in the southwest portion of the map in the room next to Judge Orivand. Interact with the books inside to invoke the Voice of Flame once again. It'll tell you to visit the 'garden of stone and death,' referring to the Stonegarden Cemetary in Reaper's Coast.

Each armor piece of the Devourer's set you receive will cause a spirit to follow you. Do not consume them; they're tied to upgrading the armor toward the end of the quest.

Devourer's Steps Location

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - How To Get The Devourer Armor (4)
  • Act: 2
  • Location: Stonegarden Cemetary (Reaper's Coast)
    • X: 593, Y: 97

After you talk to the Voice of Flame in Fort Joy's study, you can safely start Act 2 to continue the armor search. You'll want to make your way to the Stonegarden Cemetary at the southeast portion of the map. The boots will be in a chest in between two flame-spouting traps.

The Voice of Flame will guide you to a dig site, an area in the Black Pits at the southeast portion of the map. You'll have to visit this location during the main story, so you can either wait to meet the Voice of Flame or make your way to the Black Pits immediately.

Either way, the Voice of Flame will now tell you to go to 'the isle with no name,' referring to the Nameless Isle in Act 3.

Devourer's Eminence Location

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  • Act: 3
  • Location: Altar of Zorl Stissa (Nameless Isle)
    • Leads to an ancient cave with a dragon altar
      • X: 416, Y: 520

You must have a flame rune in your inventory to complete this quest step.

Head to the temple with an Altar of Zorl Stissa at the southern end of the Nameless Isle. On the western end of the temple is a path toward an ancient cave. Enter this cave, then reach the end to find a dragon statue.

There'll be an Ancient Inscription at the foot of this statue. You must place a flame rune in the statue's skull to interact with it. Talk to the Voice of Flame afterward. The statue will give you the Devourer's Eminence shortly afterward.

Before you start the search for the next item, you must visit the lava fields in the southeast portion of the island. This will reveal a fourth spirit that will explain how you can upgrade the armor set. You can only upgrade the armor at the end of the quest, so don't worry about this just yet. Once you're finished, make your way to Arx in Act 3. to find the last two pieces.

Devourer's Maw Location

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - How To Get The Devourer Armor (6)
  • Act: 4
  • Location: Vault of Linder Kemm (Arx)
    • X: 526, Y: 1,023

During the main quest, you'll need to visit the Vault of Linder Kemm at the western end of Arx. Inside this vault is a display case with the Devourer's Maw helmet. If you couldn't guess, the display case is locked and can only be opened by entering a specific combination.

This combination can be found on the back of an Outlaw Empress painting in the same room. If you can't be bothered to find the painting, this is the combination to unlock the case:

  1. Middle
  2. Right
  3. Middle
  4. Left
  5. Left
  6. Right

Once you've entered that combination, the display case will open and allow you to grab the helmet. Speak to the Voice of Flame once again. It'll guide you to a workshop located in a toy store in the center of town (X: 274, Y: 298). Interact with the spirit objects at the workbench to learn of the breastplate's location.

Devourer's Heart Location

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - How To Get The Devourer Armor (7)
  • Act: 4
  • Location: The Consulate Gardens (Arx)
    • X: 158, Y: 391

You'll need an ability that allows you to leap, fly, or teleport to reach the final armor piece.

The final armor piece is located at the northwest shoreline of Arx. Make your way to the Consulate Gardens at the northwest corner of Arx. Head to the northwest tip of the garden to find a vantage point along the western wall.

You'll want to use some sort of movement ability to jump down to the shoreline. Follow the shoreline south to find a bag inside a raft. This bag contains the Devourer's Heart chest plate. Once you grab this item, the Voice of Flame will reveal a final location you must travel to.

Ascend up the building and interact with the spirit objects. A fifth and final spirit will spawn, revealing that the Voice of Flame is actually the Devourer. When you're ready, speak to the Spirit of the Dreamer to travel to the Devourer's location, allowing you to upgrade your armor and finish the quest.

How To Upgrade The Devourer Set

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To upgrade the Devourer's set, you must finish the 'A Hunger From Beyond' quest. Speak to the Spirit of the Dreamer to teleport to the Devourer's location. You have two ways to finish this quest:

  1. Consume every spirit tied to the Devourer armor.
  2. Kill the Devourer.

Either option will upgrade the armor.

Consume The Spirits

Consuming the spirits will please the Devourer, infusing its power into your armor.

This will upgrade your armor to its final form and finish the quest, although this comes with a major caveat: you cannot unequip the Devourer's set for the rest of the playthrough. Be sure the armor is on the character you prefer before making this decision.

Kill The Devourer

If you decide to kill the Devourer, you'll be able to upgrade the armor without the caveat of the item being permanently equipped to your character, and the Devourer itself does drop some loot. The fight itself is quite tough, but there's a way you can trivialize it.

For those who wish to kill the Devourer, consume the Craftswoman and Fanatic spirits before starting the fight. These spirits will fight you when you start this boss fight, so consuming them beforehand removes a few enemies from this fight.

You'll then have three chances to burst down the Devourer's health as much as you can, as the three remaining spirits will chain the Devourer's spirit. Use everything you got to stunlock the boss and finish it off. If you can't kill it before its spirit becomes unchained, prepare for a world of hurt.

What The Devourer Set Does

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - How To Get The Devourer Armor (9)

Below is a showcase of what each armor piece from the Devourer set does when fully upgraded, showcasing its stats and any skills it grants. Before we do, it's important to note that the full set of the upgraded Devourer's Set grants a skill called Devourer's Slumber.

This ability will mark a random target at the start of combat. If the target dies within three turns, you regain 1,550 Vitality, and all of your cooldowns are reset. Targets that are marked have 10 percent reduced resistance against all damage types. If you take longer than three turns to kill the marked target, you'll take 320-336 physical damage per turn until the target dies.

Upgraded Devourer's Set Stats





The Devourer's Claws(Gloves)

  • Physical Armor: 438
  • Magic Armor: 55
  • Perks
    • +3 Strength
    • +2 Two-Handed
    • +2 Dual Wielding
    • Immunity to Atrophy
    • +5% Critical Chance
  • Onslaught: Attack 5 times with astonishing speed.

The Devourer's Steps(Boots)

  • Physical Armor: 313
  • Magic Armor: 226
  • Perks
    • +5 Initiative
    • x1 Empty Rune Slot
  • None

The Devourer's Eminence(Leggings)

  • Physical Armor: 562
  • Magic Armor: 84
  • Perks
    • +3 Constitution
    • +2 Warfare
    • Set Deathleech
    • Unlocks Picture of Health
    • x1 Empty Rune Slot
  • Deathleech (Passive): After killing an enemy, your maximum vitality will temporarily increase.

The Devourer's Maw(Helmet)

  • Physical Armor: 453
  • Magic Armor: 84
  • Perks
    • +2 Warfare
    • +2 Perseverance
    • Immune to Terrified
  • Enrage: Target allied character is guaranteed to land critical hits with basic attacks and weapon skills, but is muted.

The Devourer's Heart(Chest)

  • Physical Armor: 845
  • Magic Armor: 131
  • Perks
    • +2 Warfare
    • +10% Critical Chance
    • +10% Accuracy
    • Reflect 20% of any damage
    • x3 Empty Rune Slot
  • None

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 - How To Get The Devourer Armor (2024)
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