Martial Peak - Chapter 5790: Finally Reaching the Ninth-Order Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 5790: Finally Reaching the Ninth-Order

Everywhere in the Void World, regardless of how flourishing or rural it was, the Humans of different ages, genders, and cultivation cheered for the Dao Lord at the top of their lungs with utmost sincerity.

Streams of Power of Destiny with various degrees of strength flowed towards the Phantom Golden Dragon from these billions of people.

As Yang Kai looked internally, he could see countless threads of Destiny connecting the Golden Dragon and the citizens of his Small Universe, forming a gigantic and dense web.

The Power of Destiny from a small number of people was weak, but when billions of people cheered for him, their Power of Destiny could move the World.

As a result, the Dragon Pressure intensified.

The Dragon phantom roared and swam through the air. Like snowflakes under the scorching Sun, the boundary wall that engulfed Yang Kai’s Small Universe started melting away.

The Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art was fully activated. The Power of Destiny from three different eras integrated with each other with the Humans’ era being the most prominent. The shackles were shattered, and the Small Universe expanded.

At the same time, Yang Kai’s aura rose rapidly.

The three Pseudo-Royal Lords, who were contending with him, realised that something was off. Since they had joined forces, Yang Kai, a Peak Eighth-Order Master, was supposedly not a match for them. Considering the fact that he was unable to flee, it should have been a simple matter to kill him.

However, the fact that he had persevered until now puzzled the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

What was more, his aura was now rising sharply, as though he was about to achieve a breakthrough, an inconceivable occurrence.

No one knew what Yang Kai had done that allowed him to be so resilient and unwavering. They speculated that it might have something to do with the fact that he had opened up his Small Universe and put an Eighth-Order Master and a Monster Race Great Emperor, but they had no idea how that was possible.

His already magnificent aura was still strengthening.

A Pseudo-Royal Lord exclaimed, “Kill him now!”

Something was definitely amiss. If they allowed Yang Kai’s aura to continue to strengthen, he would probably break through and reach the Ninth Order, which would be a disaster. As far as the Black Ink Clansmen knew, Yang Kai could never ascend to the Ninth Order in his lifetime, but he now showed signs of doing just that.

The other two Pseudo-Royal Lords needed no reminder as they used their most powerful moves. They madly channelled their strength in an attempt to end Yang Kai’s life in that instant.

Nevertheless, regardless of how hard they tried and how battered Yang Kai appeared, they were unable to end him.

A Divine Dragon was already stronger than an average Ninth-Order Master or Royal Lord, so while Yang Kai focused on his Small Universe and only spent a bit of his energy fending off the enemies, it still wasn’t easy to kill him.

On the other side, Mo Na Ye was growing apprehensive as well. He knew that something must’ve gone terribly wrong. It seemed that Yang Kai was indeed about to make it to the Ninth Order, so he was anxious to race over and kill him once and for all. However, before getting rid of Yang Xue, he could never have a hand in the fight over there.

Just as the Black Ink Clan was growing anxious, Yang Kai’s aura seemed to have broken through a limit and exploded.

The imposing aura coming from him suggested that he was no longer an Eighth-Order Master. In fact, it seemed that he was now even more powerful than an ordinary Ninth-Order Master!

At that moment, Yang Kai, who was seemingly no match for the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, suddenly opened his eyes, which shone as brightly as a pair of Great Suns.

Although his entire figure was covered in blood, he was full of vigour and vitality.

He swept a glance over the three Pseudo-Royal Lords and growled, “Had fun beating me up? It’s my turn now!”

The moment he finished speaking, he clenched the Azure Dragon Spear and surged his Dao Strengths. A splashing sound was heard all of a sudden and the Space-Time River, which disappeared previously when his Dao Strengths fell into turmoil, reappeared and swirled around the spear like a Water Dragon.

He then thrust his spear out and stabbed it into the Pseudo-Royal Lord nearest to him.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord was dumbstruck and hurriedly tried to retreat; however, the instant he made a move, the spear broke past the barriers of Time and Space and penetrated his figure.

He fell into a dazed state as he felt a sharp pain in his chest and looked down, realizing he had been hit.

His eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked up with difficulty and stared at Yang Kai, “How?”

He was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, after all. Although he had just become one before entering the Universe Furnace, he was still a Pseudo-Royal Lord. He had the power of a Royal Lord, and though he couldn’t use all of it, he shouldn’t be that different from a Ninth-Order Master.

Any other Ninth-Order Master wouldn’t have been able to kill him with such ease. They would’ve exchanged over 100 moves at the very least.

However, he was gravely injured by Yang Kai with just one attack.

The attack didn’t look like anything special, but he had somehow fallen into a dazed state and failed to dodge it.

Before his death, the Pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly realised something. He couldn’t help recalling the moment Yang Kai extended his spear earlier. Despite how ordinary the attack looked, the spear seemingly thrust out from a vague point in the past before piercing into him at a particular moment in the future. As such, he stood no chance of dodging it.

[The Dao of Space-Time!] He finally figured out what happened.

“Too weak!” Yang Kai snorted. Despite how battered he appeared, he still appeared extremely aggressive. As he wielded his spear, the Pseudo-Royal Lord exploded into a blood mist, after which his ample Black Ink Strength dissipated.

Everyone suddenly fell silent in shock.

Yang Kai managed to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord with only one attack, so how were the others in the Black Ink Clan supposed to be a match for him?

Although it had clearly something to do with the fact that the Pseudo-Royal Lord was caught off guard, that did not diminish how powerful Yang Kai was.

This kind of strength was beyond their comprehension.

Mo Na Ye, who was contending with Yang Xue, turned pale and felt a crawling sensation on his scalp.

There was no doubt that Yang Kai was now a Ninth-Order Master.

[He broke through to the Ninth Order! How!? How did this happen!? How is it possible for him to even have the chance to make it to the Ninth Order!?]

Mo Na Ye heard that Yang Kai had snatched a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, so he was worried that the latter would refine it and reach the Ninth Order. As such, even though the Black Ink Clan had gained the upper hand, and he had also prepared a trump card, he still waited patiently for that opportunity to take Yang Kai down.

There was no denying that Xiang Shan was a formidable opponent, but in comparison, Yang Kai posed a bigger threat; therefore, Mo Na Ye had to wait for Yang Kai to show up before taking action.

Yang Kai indeed appeared at a later time, and he was still an Eighth-Order Master, which made Mo Na Ye breathe a sigh of relief.

At the most critical moment, Yang Kai threw away the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill to divert the Chaos Spirit King’s attention, but without that pill, how did he manage to reach the Ninth Order? Did it have something to do with him taking an Eighth-Order Master and Monster Race Great Emperor into his Small Universe?

Mo Na Ye was unable to figure out the answer.

All the same, it was an irrefutable fact that Yang Kai was now a Ninth-Order Master; otherwise, he couldn’t have killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord with one thrust of his spear.

When Yang Kai was still an Eighth-Order Master, he was already able to easily kill Innate Territory Lords by using his Soul Secret Technique, though he would also hurt himself during the process. Mo Na Ye was worried that things would only get worse if Yang Kai managed to make it to the Ninth Order, and now it seemed that his greatest fear had become reality.

At that moment, he intended to flee, but how was he supposed to do that when he was engaged in a fight with Yang Xue?

“Hahaha! I told you we were going to win!” Yang Xiao, who was part of the Humans’ defence line, guffawed while Blood Crow, who was fighting alongside him, was speechless.

Earlier, Yang Kai opened up his Small Universe and put Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow, Yang Xiao had already made such a bold claim. At that time, Blood Crow dismissed it. The Humans were in a perilous situation as the two Ninth-Order Masters were tangled up in fights, and the defence line was on the brink of coming apart. The Humans were bound to collapse at any moment.

No one could’ve expected that barely an hour later, things would take such a drastic turn. Since Yang Kai was now a Ninth-Order Master, the Black Ink Clan had lost their advantage. Presently, the Humans had gained the upper hand instead.

Just like Mo Na Ye, Blood Crow was puzzled as to how Yang Kai ascended to the Ninth Order. Even if he had refined a Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, he couldn’t have achieved an ascension so quickly; moreover, he had already lost that Spirit Pill.

However, it was just like what Yang Xiao had said. His Adoptive Father could always create miracles in the most despairing situations and turn the tides of fortune around. Perhaps that was why the people who had fought alongside him before had blind trust and admiration for him.

In fact, Blood Crow was one of those people. Back then, he was a terrible fellow; he still couldn’t be considered a good one now. Nevertheless, after going through bloody battles and witnessing how much the Humans were willing to sacrifice for the greater good, Blood Crow, who was also a Human, sincerely hoped that the Black Ink Clan would be destroyed once and for all one day.

“Good, good, good! Kill them all!” Ou Yang Lie became energetic in an instant. When he saw that Yang Kai was in danger earlier, he was anxious, but now, he could be at ease.

Nonetheless, he was doubtful as well. He knew that Yang Kai had made use of the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art to ascend to the Ninth Order, but the latter seemed to have a greater heritage than him.

As a new Ninth-Order Master, Yang Kai’s attack earlier was surprisingly powerful.

After giving it some thought, Ou Yang Lie realised it wasn’t so shocking.

Yang Kai had said that after he used the Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art, his three Selves would unite. In that case, Fang Tian Ci’s Small Universe would merge with Yang Kai’s.

In other words, Yang Kai’s Small Universe didn’t only have his own heritage but also Fang Tian Ci’s heritage, which helped save him a lot of cultivation time. Therefore, it was only natural that he was more powerful than the average newly ascended Ninth-Order Master.

After Yang Kai killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord with just one attack, everyone was shocked.

When the other two Pseudo-Royal Lords saw how ferocious Yang Kai was, they naturally wouldn’t dare to fight him head-on. They quickly retreated together as they stared warily at Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai only shot them a glance but didn’t pursue them.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but rather that since he was a new Ninth-Order Master, his Small Universe was still a bit unstable. He had fully surged his power to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lord a moment ago to intimidate the others so that they would back off.

At this moment, the boundary wall in his Small Universe had been shattered and it was still expanding rapidly.

Besides that, Fang Tian Ci’s Small Universe was also assimilating into his, which brought with it a lot of pure World Force. Since Fang Tian Ci was his Human Self, his power could perfectly blend into Yang Kai’s Small Universe without any contamination concerns.

Even Thunder Shadow’s Monster Core, which he had nurtured all his life, was melting and turning into a very pure power, which was then assimilated into Yang Kai’s Small Universe and helped strengthen his heritage.

Martial Peak - Chapter 5790: Finally Reaching the Ninth-Order Free Read Online (2024)
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