The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee (2024)

TENNESSEAN.COM FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 2023 11A 52 OBS The song is ended but the melody lingers on. IRVING BERLIN 26 OBS Always IN OUR HEARTS 29 OBS OUR DEEPEST Sympathy NASHVILLE Age 62, transitioned July 24, 2023 in Memphis, TN. Survived by family and friends. Visitation Sat- urday, August 5th from 11:00 Noon with funeral to follow at Highland Hills Fu- neral Home, 2422 Brick Church Pike. Interment Greenwood North Cemetery.

Patricia Omega McGhee NASHVILLE Passed away Visita- tion Friday, 1 until 6 p.m. Funeral Saturday 10:00 a.m. at Terrell Broady Funeral Home. Rosetta Turner NASHVILLE age 57, departed this life into Eternal rest on July 23, 2023. She is survived by her only son, Joshua Bo- gus, grandchild Nicco McElrath-Bogus; father Rev.

Robert (LaKesa) Bogus; sisters, R. Bogus, India J. Bo- gus, Tiant M. Lollar(- Wheeler) Henderson, and Rebecca R. Thomas and numerous nieces, nephews and other rel- atives and friends.

Public Viewing Fri- day, August 5, 2023 from 3-5pm at Lewis and Wright Funeral Directors. Family visi- tation Saturday, August 6, 2023 from 12-1pm with Funeral to fol- low at Mt. Gilead M.B. Church, Hermitage, TN. Monique Orlinda Bogus NASHVILLE Age 56, passed July 27, 2023.

Visitation Saturday, Aug. 5th from 11am- 12 noon with funeral to follow. Fourteenth Ave Baptist Church, 2501 Buchanan St. Inter- ment Monday, 11am in Woodlawn Cemetery. LaTanya M.

Harris NASHVILLE De- parted this life July 21, 2023. Survived by devoted family and friends. Visitation with the family, Saturday August 5, 2023 11-12 with funeral service to follow at Church of Christ at Jackson Street, 1408 Jackson Street. Smith Funeral Direc- tors Camiya Collins NASHVILLE Age 75. Departed this life July 31, 2023.

Survived by wife, Betty L. Rankin; children, Stephanie Rankin-Wilson, Chris- topher Rankin; sister, Doreen Knox; fami- ly and friends. Public viewing, Saturday Au- gust 5, 2023 1-6pm, Smith Funeral Home, 706 Monroe Street. Family visitation, Au- gust 6, 2023 2-3pm with funeral service to follow at New Hope Baptist Church, 225 Scattersville Rd. Port- land TN.

Interment, Monday August 7, 2023, 10am, Middle TN Vet- eran Cemetery. Smith Funeral Directors Inc. (615) 726-1476 Auther Isaac Rankin NASHVILLE Age 58. Departed this life July 26, 2023.Survived by devoted family and friends. Public view, Friday August 4, 2023 1-6pm, Mt Calvary Baptist Church, 1238 Briarville Rd, Madison TN.

Visitation with the family, Saturday Au- gust 5, 2023 11-12pm with funeral service to follow at Mt Calvary Baptist Church. Inter- ment, Hermitage Me- morial Gardens. Smith Funeral Directors Inc. (615)726-1476 Rhonda Lynn Kennedy Ora Mai (Peaches) Smith, born September 1, 1936 departed this earthly life Saturday, July 22, 2023. She leaves to cherish memory, a stepdaughter, Shelia Gordon; 10 grand- children; two nieces; two nephews, devoted cousins, Gloria Gentry, Gwen (Theodore) Gen- try, Wanda (Nathan) Hardin, Rose Inman; devoted niece, Shir- ley Simmons, Alberta Hardison, great niece whom she raised, Ky- mon Jones; numerous cousins and devoted friends; god daughter, Rosia Sawyers; Public viewing, Friday August 4,2023 1-6pm, Smith Funeral Monroe Street.

Fami- ly Visitation, Saturday, August 5, 2023 at 11:00 A. Celebration of Life, Saturday, August 5, 2023 at 12:00 P. M. at Saint James Mission- ary Baptist Church, 600 28th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37209, Interment, Middle Ten- nessee Veterans Cem- etery, Monday, August 7, 2023, 11am. Smith Funeral Directors Inc.

(615)726-1476 Ora Mai (Peaches) Smith Adco*ck, Glenna Michele 51 McMinnville 01-Aug High Funeral Home Alarcon, Georgia Ann 93 Nashville 01-Aug Nashville Funeral and Cremation Armstrong, Brian Keith 54 Pegram 28-Jul Harpeth Hills Funeral Home Baker, Wayne P. 57 McMinnville 01-Aug High Funeral Home Barnes, Clarence A. 86 Nashville 02-Aug Lewis and Wright Funeral Directors Bateman, James Myron 82 Nashville 26-Jul Nashville Funeral and Cremation Black, Lyman 67 Franklin 01-Aug Williamson Memorial Funeral Home Monique Orlinda 57 Nashville 23-Jul Lewis and Wright Funeral Directors Boscio, Pete 78 Fayetteville 02-Aug Gallant-Riverview Funeral Home Boyd, Frances Peppers 93 Leoma 02-Aug Neal Funeral Home Burgess, David Bryant 61 Lebanon 26-Jul TriStar Cremation Clark, James Cecil 67 White House 23-Jul Nashville Cremation Center Cole, Brian 56 Clarksville 01-Aug McReynolds-Nave and Larson Funeral Home Collier, Miles McGregor 74 McMinnville 02-Aug High Funeral Home Camiya Nashville 21-Jul Smith Funeral Directors Inc. Cullum, Walter Ray 86 Waverly 01-Aug Luff-Bowen Funeral Home Hall Steven Griffin 53 Nashville 27-Jul Nashville Funeral and Cremation Hall, Joe 84 Flintville 31-Jul Gallant-Riverview Funeral Home LaTanya M. 56 Nashville 27-Jul Highland Hills Funeral Home Crematory Rhonda Lynn 58 Nashville 26-Jul Smith Funeral Directors Inc Konefat, Edouard 49 Milan 25-Jul Nashville Funeral and Cremation Luffman, David L.

55 Lyles 29-Jul TriStar Cremation McBride, Scott 51 Clarksville 30-Jul McReynolds-Nave and Larson Funeral Home McClish, Tammy 58 Jackson 21-Jul Mortuary, Ripley McConnell III, Robert Branch 87 Nashville 26-Jul Nashville Funeral and Cremation Patricia Omega 62 Nashville 24-Jul Highland Hills Funeral Home Crematory Milam, Billy 65 Clarksville 31-Jul McReynolds-Nave and Larson Funeral Home Morris, John Williams 89 Nashville 29-Jul Nashville Funeral and Cremation Pate, Jerry Ray 79 White House 01-Aug Austin and Bell White House Powell, Bobby Calvin 86 Chapmansboro 01-Aug Cheatham County Funeral Home LLC Auther Isaac 75 Nashville 31-Jul Smith Funeral Directors Inc. Ray, Brooke Nichole 34 Antioch 27-Jul Nashville Funeral and Cremation Scott Myles William 74 Nashville 28-Jul TriStar Cremation Ora Mai (Peaches) 22-Jul Smith Funeral Directors Inc Smotherman, Molly Blanche 64 Murfreesboro 12-Jul Nelson and Sons Chapel Murfreesboro Tekell, Thaddaeus Nip 54 Madison 28-Jul Lumen Cremation Rosetta 91 Nashville 30-Jul Terrell Broady Funeral Home Additional information in display obituaries Obituaries appear in print and online at OBITUARIES AND DEATH NOTICES Name Age Town, State Death Date Arrangements.

The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee (2024)


Who owns Tennessean? ›

This site is part of the USA TODAY Network and is owned and operated by Gannett Co., Inc.

What is Nashville Tennessee best known for? ›

What is Nashville Most Famous For? Many of the best things to do in Nashville revolve around its long history with country music. Many a musical legend has come out of the Tennessee state capital, earning it the nickname of 'Music City'.

What is the biggest newspaper in Tennessee? ›

Top 10 Daily Tennessee Newspapers by Circulation
  • Chattanooga Times. ...
  • Kingsport Times News. ...
  • La Prensa Latina. ...
  • Bristol Herald Courier. ...
  • The Jackson Sun. ...
  • Johnson City Press. ...
  • The Greenville Sun. ...
  • Nashville Business Journal.

Who settled in Nashville? ›

The first known settlers in the area of modern Nashville were Native Americans who arrived in the region by at least 13,000 BC during the Paleoindian period of regional prehistory.

Who owned Tennessee before USA? ›

From the Guide to 2010 State and Local Census Geography — Tennessee — History: The area of Tennessee was originally part of North Carolina. North Carolina ceded the area of Tennessee in 1790 to the United States, and this area was organized as the “territory . . .

What famous tennessean s moved to texas after serving in politics? ›

Houston quickly resigned his office and fled the state, eventually settling in Texas. Famous Tennessee frontiersman and former U.S. Representative David Crockett also decided to move to Texas after experiencing a loss.

What food should you not miss in Nashville? ›

What to eat in Nashville, Tennessee: 8 dishes you must try
  • Nashville Hot Chicken.
  • Fried Catfish Sandwich.
  • Nashville Style Barbeque.
  • Meat-and-three.
  • Lobster Mac and Cheese.
  • Goo Goo Cluster.
  • Banana Pudding.
  • Bourbon Steak.
Mar 19, 2024

What food is Nashville famous for? ›

Nashville is a culinary treasure, known for meat-and-three diners, fiery fried chicken and fluffy biscuits as well as a strong farm-to-table community. Eat like a local with this guide to some of the best places to eat and drink in Music City.

What is a nickname for Nashville? ›

Why Nashville is Called “Music City” Nashville is known the world over as the Music City. What is much less well known is exactly how this nickname came to be. In fact, the term was not even coined by an American!

What is the black newspaper in Nashville Tennessee? ›

Tennessee Tribune Newspaper | Jefferson Street.

Does Tennessee have a state magazine? ›

More than a paper magazine, The Tennessee Magazine is now available online. Award-winning content from across the state and your own community is available today using the link below.

What is the most read US newspaper? ›

Top 10 newspapers by subscribers and print circulation
NewspaperPrimary service areaTotal
The New York TimesNew York metropolitan area9,126,330
The Wall Street JournalNew York metropolitan area3,779,650
The Washington PostWashington metropolitan area2,635,980
USA TodayNational2,132,640
6 more rows

What did Nashville used to be called? ›

The name Nashville goes back to the late 1700s, when colonists established Fort Nashborough where the modern-day city is located now. The fort was named after Francis Nash. Nash fought during the American Revolution and was from North Carolina. Later, Nashborough was changed to Nashville in 1784.

Where were slaves sold in Nashville? ›

The heart of Nashville's slave-trading business was at the corner of Fourth and Charlotte. In the 1840s and the 1850s, there were a series of slave trading businesses on Cedar Street, now Charlotte Avenue, with names such as Glover & Boyd, Dabbs & Porter, James & Harrison, Lyles & Hitchings, and others.

Which president estate is in Nashville? ›

As the homeplace of the nation's 7th president, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage exists to preserve, educate and inspire. It is important to tell the story of President Jackson and his era and inspire future generations, all while preserving this 1,120-acre National Historic Landmark.

Who now owns Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee? ›

The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGC Life and is domiciled in Tennessee. AGC Life is owned directly by AIG Life Holdings (US) Inc., formerly AGC. AIG Life Holdings (US) Inc. is owned directly by AIG, a Delaware corporation, with its principal place of business at 70 Pine Street, New York, NY 10270.

Who owned the Nashville Network? ›

The Nashville Network is an American cable television network that launched in 2006. It is owned by Country Channel Media, LLC, a subsidiary of the Whitebird Broadcasting Group.

What is the main newspaper in Nashville? ›

The Tennessean, Nashville's daily newspaper, traces its roots back to the Nashville Whig, a weekly paper that began publication on September 1, 1812.

What is the history of the Nashville Banner? ›

History. The first edition of the Nashville Banner was published on April 10, 1876. It was begun as a voice for the railroads and other interests in comparison with other area papers of the time which tended to take the viewpoint of workers and unions. It was long controlled by the Stahlman family.

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